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How did they experience Sophia's Egg?

Incredible thrilling book, full of surprises, lucid, electrifying and beautifully wrapped in essential wisdom. Made a deep impression and left a aching longing. - Christy

Beautiful, captivating, intriguing, inspiring. My compliments.
Not only exciting, informative and well written, but also a
fascinating plot. - Hans

  Speechless. I am truly speechless!
I started reading it for the second time and again... Speechless. - Hank

My wife and I have ‘demolished’ Sophia’s Egg.
A marvellous book with many unsuspected cross connections. - Cees

Thank you for this mighty book! - Tamara

Once I started reading, it was hard for me to put the book down and
concentrate on the normal daily activities.
It is a fantastic book! But it arouses sooooooo many questions, pffffff..... ;-) - Vera

I just finished ‘Sophia’s Egg’ and I find it a fascinating book. So many layers.
I was immediately inspired to read it again, which has never happened before! - Margret

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