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Sophia's Egg
The last story that never has been told

Paul Stokely, a 28 year old London-based accountant, becomes unwillingly entangled in an adrenaline fuelled mystical adventure with the British Army, the British Intelligence Service, and the Church as main players. As Paul struggles to comprehend and navigate the inexplicable and sometimes bizarre situations fate thrusts upon him, a mysterious woman, shrouded by intrigue with an ancient symbol etched into her forehead, gently guides him to his day of destiny. With the mysterious crop circles in Wiltshire  
  as a backdrop, Paul begins to unravel piece by piece
the biggest enigma humanity has ever faced.

Sophia's Egg is a mind bending, thought provoking spiritual thriller
written in the combined tradition of 'The Da Vinci Code' and
'The Celestine Prophecy' and set in the powerful and
magical landscape of Wiltshire, England.

Sophia’s Egg is the New ‘Gnostic’ Testament wrapped
in a visionary fictional framework founded on
historical facts and contemporary research.
It merges science (psychology and quantum physics)
with different shamanistic and esoteric insights and
shakes the holy house of organized religion
by asking the questions they are most afraid to answer.

321 thought provoking pages packed with insights, inspiration and excitement


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